10/100/1000Base-T Lan Transformer and Filter
RJ45 Connector With 10/100/1000/10G Base-T Magnetics
T1/E1,T3/DS3/E3/STS-1 Transformer; ISDN/HDSL/ADSL/VDSL Transformer/splitter

OEM Pulse/Tyco/Wurth/Bel/Bothhand;Cross Halo/XFMRS/TPR/Molex/Amphenol/UDE...

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RJ45 Modular Jack

Good Quality RJ45 Modular Jack on sale
Good Quality Magnetic RJ45 Jack on sale
Very Good Quality,The Same as Pulse and Tyco Parts.

—— Simon-Ti

Competitive Price,High Quality.

—— Reuben from Intel

Good Choice For Mass Production

—— Flextronics

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Top Products

We are good quality supplier of RJ45 Modular Jack, Magnetic RJ45 Jack and Low-Profile RJ45 Jack from China

Best LPJ0011BBNL , Ethernet Jack For BeagleBone Black 10 / 100Base-T Rj45 Connector
Best LPJG16314A4NL , MinnowBoard MAX LINK-PP 10 / 100 / 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
Best LPJG0820GENL 1000Base-T Magnetic RJ45 Jack Shield With LED Single Board Computer
Best LP1102NL Ethernet Isolation Transformer SMT 10 / 100Base-T For Lan PCB
Best Vertical Rj45 Connector LPJD0011BENL 10 / 100Base-T 180° Degree PCB Application
Best Step File Vertical RJ45 Jack LPJD5011BENL 10 / 100Base-T Integrated Magnetic
Best LPJ2011KONL RJ45 With Integrated Magnetics 10 / 100Base-TX Integrated PCB Jack
Best LP5007NL Ethernet Gigabit Transformer 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-T Single Port SMT
Best XFVOIP5QS-CTRR1-2L POE RJ45 Connector LPJK4010B69NL 10 / 100Base-TX Single Port
Best SMT RJ45 Connector LPJ19201BGNL 7498011241 49F-1201YGD2NL MIC2412A-5108X-LF
Best Gigabit Rj45 Single Port MagJack 33.02mm 8341-NL 1000Base-T LPJK0071AINL
Best LP5014NL Dual Gigabit SMT Transformer 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-T Magnetic Module
Best Embedded Filter 203316 Multi-port RJ45 Serial-to-Ethernet Modules LPJ26204A31NL
Best 62F-1204GYD2 100Bast-TX Dual Port Rj45 WITH MAGNETIC MODULE LPJ26204AENL
Best MIC24U1C-6131W-LF3 Magnetic RJ45 Jack 7497011611 Rj45 With USB LPJU3101AONL
Best Low Profile SMT Ethernet Transformer 1.98mm LP41604ANL 10 / 100Base-T Lan PCB
Best 4 Port Gigabit Rj45 Mag Jack LPJG49837A31NL Shield With LEDs Industry Switches
Best 45F-10102DYD2NL 21.69mm RJ45 USB Connector LPJU5402B79NL Single-board-computer
Best 2x1 Port Stacked A40-216-263-902 Rj45 Right Angle100M Transformer LPJ17634AENL
Best SI-30108-F 10 / 100 BT Stacked RJ45 Jack Shielded Wireless Network  LPJ27202CNL
Best Stacked RJ45 LPJE308CNL Side Entry PCB Jack With Shield 8P8C In Network Switches
Best LPJG47561ADNL Stacked RJ45 2x4 Port Gigabit Ethernet Allpied in Cisco IP Systems
Best Stacked RJ45 2x6 Port  LPJG67037AENL Gigabyte Circuit 1000Base-T With LEDs
Best LP1188NL Ethernet Isolation Transformer SMT 10 / 100Base-T For Lan PCB
Best Gigabit POE Transformer LP6062ANL 1000Base-T Magnetic Single Port Application
Best Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Isolation Transformer LP5027NL 1000Base-T THT For PCB
Best Quad Port Transformer 48Pins Modules LP5018NL 10 / 100BASE-T LAN Controllers
Best POE Ethernet transformer LP2005NL 10 / 100Base-T VoIP Magnetics 24Pin Modules
China RJ45 Modular Jack Company
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