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Company News About LINK-PP Lab Upgrade: Advanced Comprehensive Testing Facilities
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LINK-PP Lab Upgrade: Advanced Comprehensive Testing Facilities

Latest company news about LINK-PP Lab Upgrade: Advanced Comprehensive Testing Facilities

LINK-PP Lab Upgrade: Advanced Comprehensive Testing Facilities


LINK-PP is a professional supplier of magnetic communications and network components. For more than 20 years, we have insisted on providing customers with the highest quality products and excellent services. Our main products are RJ45 Connectors, SFP modules, Fiber Optic Cages and Connectors, and LAN Transformers. Our global customer base spans communications, consumer products and industrial sectors.

Today, we are pleased to announce a major development: a comprehensive upgrade of our laboratory facilities. Equipped with cutting-edge testing and verification equipment to enhance product quality and performance.


The upgraded LINK-PP laboratory covers a full set of cutting-edge testing equipment. Including high and low temperature thermal shock testing, insertion and extraction force testing, vibration testing, two-dimensional scanning and high-frequency testing, etc. These will fully evaluate and validate our products to exceed industry standards.

Insertion and extraction force testing improves the durability of RJ45 connectors. High-frequency testing helps ensure stability during high-speed data transmission. Vibration and shock testing prove its adaptability in harsh industrial environments. Ensure reliability in data centers and communications networks.


LINK-PP invests heavily in technological innovation and quality assurance. Product reliability, stability and durability are our commitments. This laboratory upgrade provides a more rigorous testing environment, further enhancing the competitiveness of our components and ensuring customers receive reliable, high-performance solutions.

Whether in data centers, industrial automation, communication networks or other fields, LINK-PP always aims to meet customer needs. Looking to the future, LINK-PP will continue to develop technological innovation and build a stronger bridge for global communications.


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