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LINK-PP LPJG0926HENLS4R RJ45 LAN for Through-Hole Reflow

Through-Hole Reflow (THR) technology is a technology used to solder through-hole components to surface mount (Surface Mount) circuit boards (PCBs). ) on the welding method. They were typically used in electronic components that require high mechanical strength and reliability, such as RJ45 connectors.     Basic working principle: 1. Component installation: First, insert the pins of an RJ45 connector into the pre-drilled holes on the PCB. The component pins will go through the PCB and come out the other side.   2. Solder paste printing: Printing solder paste, usually lead-free solder paste, on the through holes of the PCB. The main components of solder paste are solder particles and flux.   3. Preheating stage: PCB enters the preheating zone of the reflow oven, and the solder paste is gradually heated to the temperature range for flux activation. The function of this stage is to remove volatile components from the solder paste and prevent solder beads from being produced during the soldering process.   4. Reflow soldering: The PCB continues to move to the reflow area, and the temperature further rises to the solder melting point (about 217°C to 245°C). The solder paste melts to form liquid solder, which fully wets and combines with the component pins and PCB pads.   5. Cooling and solidification: PCB enters the cooling zone, and the solder quickly cools and solidifies to form a stable solder joint. The electrical and mechanical connection between the component pins and the PCB pads is now complete   LINK-PP chooses through-hole reflow (THR) technology for RJ45 connectors, which can provide higher physical strength and better signal integrity while simplifying the production process. The equipped production equipment includes: Reflow oven: multi-temperature zone control, precise temperature curve. Solder paste printing machine: high-precision printing to ensure even distribution of solder paste. Component fixing equipment: clamps or patch glue to fix components. Testing equipment: AOI equipment and X-ray testing to ensure the quality of solder joints.   THR technology significantly improves the mechanical reliability of connectors by providing a strong solder joint connection. The soldered pins make reliable contact with the PCB surface, reducing the risk of loose or detached pins. Reduces welding heat and thermal stress during welding, reducing the risk of damage to electrical connections. THR technology utilizes automated production processes to ensure the consistency and stability of the welding process. By precisely controlling the temperature and time of hot air, the influence of human factors is reduced. LINK-PP strictly controls quality and monitors and detects each welding process to reduce the occurrence of welding defects and defective products and ensure that the welding quality meets the requirements.   LINK-PP launched LPJG0926HENLS4R, a connector design that applies THR technology, applicable for Gigabit Power Over Ethernet Devices , Similar Series can also convert 10/100Base-T, 2.5G,5G,10G POE and None POE.   Dimensions:   Recommended land pattern from datasheet LINK-PP THR RJ45 LPJG0926HENLS4R:   LPJG0926HENLS4R.pdf   Welding temperature curve:       LINK-PP LPJG0926HENLS4R THR PoE+ RJ45 Connector has obvious advantages in applications in network equipment, communication equipment, industrial automation, and other fields. LPJG0926HENLS4R utilizes thermoplastic PA46+30%G.F Housing Material with high melting point and low humidity absorption. LPJG0926HENLS4R With a maximum reflow temperature of 250°C for 5 seconds, ensures optimal soldering performance. The stand-off height between the PCB and component facilitates better airflow and provides sufficient space for solder paste. Pin Length: With pins extending 2.40mm from the PCB surface, LPJG0926HENLS4R ensures optimal soldering effectiveness. LINK-PP's LPJG0926HENLS4R avoids the problem that soldering points that are more than 1 mm away from the outer edge of RJ45 will not be soldered correctly because the reflow heat does not completely melt the solder paste. LINK-PP uses high-viscosity solder paste in through-hole reflow (THR) soldering applications.   LINK-PP will understand the innovation and improvement of THR technology, how to use THR technology to reduce product maintenance and replacement costs, and give full play to the contribution of THR technology in lowering production costs and improving production efficiency.



LINK-PP Shines at the 26th International Exhibition of Electronics in Russia

LINK-PP Shines at the 26th International Exhibition of Electronics in Russia   LINK-PP is honored to be invited to participate in the 26th International Exhibition of Electronics: Components and Technologies, Materials and Equipment, Embedded Systems and Turnkey Solutions. Known for its high visibility and broad industry participation, ExpoElectronica 2024 provides LINK-PP with a valuable platform to showcase its Innovative Magnetic Network Components and Optical Transceiver Modules. LINK-PP's appearance at this exhibition was a great success, attracting many new and existing customers to their booth: Pavilion H2, Hall 9, E4117.   Founded in 1997, LINK-PP has grown into a large-scale enterprise with over 2,600 employees and a monthly production capacity of 6.5 million units. It has served more than 100,000 customers from more than 200 countries. The products exhibited at this exhibition include RJ45 connectors, LAN transformers, fiber optic cages and connectors, and fiber optic transceivers. LINK-PP independently developed standard parts and customized models, which can Meet the needs of global OEM, ODM, and CEM.   “We are honored to be invited to participate in the 26th International Exhibition of Electronics,” said [Owen, Sales Manager, LINK-PP]. “This event provides us a great platform to showcase our latest products, engage with industry professionals, and gain insights into the ever-changing international electronics market.” LINK-PP has a professional R&D team and invests 6% of its revenue in R&D to maintain its cutting-edge technology and innovation. Each product is 100% rigorously tested before shipment to ensure optimal performance. Equipped with a 20,000 square meter factory, sufficient stock and fast delivery within 3-7 days. In addition, we provide 1-on-1 live technical support to ensure our customers receive service when they need it.   ExpoElectronica is the largest international exhibition from electronic component manufacturing to system integration in Russia and the EAEU. The show brings together developers, manufacturers, distributors, end users, service organizations, integrators and other industry representatives interested in promoting and purchasing relevant products.   Don’t miss the opportunity to discover LINK-PP’s innovative products at ExpoElectronica 2024. Please visit Hall 9, Hall H2, Booth E4117, and let the LINK-PP team provide the perfect solution.   For more information, please visit or contact us directly.  



Meet LINK-PP at Crocus Expo Moscow, April 16-18, 2024

Meet LINK-PP at Crocus Expo Moscow, April 16-18, 2024   LINK-PP, a leading provider of Magnetic Telecom Networking Components and Optical Transceiver Modules, is participating in the upcoming Crocus expo in Moscow. 26th international exhibition of electronics: components and technologies, materials and equipment, embedded systems and end solutions. The address is Mezhdunarodnaya Street 16, 18, 20, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow, Russia. LINK-PP will exhibit at the exhibition from April 16 to April 18, 2024, at Pavilion No. 2, Exhibition Hall 9, E4117.   At the Crocus Expo, LINK-PP will showcase its latest innovations in magnetic telecom networking components and optical transceiver modules. With a focus on product quality and performance, LINK-PP provides prototype design services and has strong technical team support.   Established in 1997, LINK-PP has emerged as a professional designer and manufacturer of magnetic components. With a workforce of 1,100 employees and a monthly capability of 9.2 million units, LINK-PP is equipped with advanced production equipment and cutting-edge network analysis testing instruments. The company holds various certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ROHS environmental certification, UL, Reach, and ISO 14001:2015 ecological certification system.   The main products on display at this exhibition include:   RJ45 Connectors: SMT RJ45 Connector, Low-Profile RJ45 Connector, Vertical RJ45 Connector, Mid-mount RJ45 Connector, RJ45 Connector with USB, Multi-Port RJ45 Connector LAN Transformers: Single port SMT LAN Transformer, Dual ports SMT LAN Transformer, Low-Profile SMT LAN Transformer, Single port DIP LAN Transformer, Dual ports DIP LAN Transformer, Quad ports DIP LAN Transformer Fiber Optic Cages & Connectors: SFP/SFP+ Cages & Connectors, SFP28/ZSFP+ Cages & Connectors, QSFP+ Cages & Connectors, QSFP28/ZQSFP+ Cages & Connectors, QSFP-DD Cages & Connectors, Single Connector Optical Transceivers: Copper SFP/SFP+ Transceiver, SFP/SFP+/SFP28 Transceiver, QSFP+/QSFP28/QSFP56 Transceiver, QSFP-DD/OSFP Transceiver, DAC, AOC These products cater to various applications including the Internet of Things, Medical, Security, Networking, Telecom, Consumer, and Industrial/OI sectors.   Visit LINK-PP at Booth [Pavilion 2, Halls 9, E4117] to explore our solutions and discover how we can meet your networking component needs.   For more information, please contact: LINK-PP INT'L TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Address: No.54, South of Jinhu Road, Chengjiang Town, Zhongkai District. Huizhou City, Guangdong, 516229, China Tel: +86-752-3322915 Fax: 86-752-3161926 Email: Skype ID: link-pp7 Website:



LINK-PP RJ45 Connector Empowering StarFive VisionFive 2

LINK-PP RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Connectors in StarFive's VisionFive 2   LINK-PP, a leading Chinese manufacturer of magnetic networking components, partners with StarFive, a pioneer in China's RISC-V software and hardware ecosystem. The project integrates LINK-PP's LPJG0926HENL RJ45 Connector into StarFive's VisionFive 2. LPJG0926HENL is a 1x1 Port 1000Mbps POE+ RJ45 Modular Jack with Transformer. VisionFive 2 is the world's first mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer with an integrated 3D GPU.   VisionFive 2 has powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities. It is powered by JH7110, a 64-bit SoC based on RV64GC architecture with speeds up to 1.5GHz. StarFive breaks the boundaries of computing and graphics processing capabilities within the RISC-V architecture. With a set of audio and video interfaces, dual network interfaces and a 40-pin GPIO, as well as expansion interfaces for PCIe, USB, and SDIO peripherals. The "dual network interface" on the VisionFive 2 is the 1000Base-T magnetic RJ45 connector from LINK-PP. LPJG0926HENL provides powerful and reliable Gigabit Ethernet data transmission. VisionFive 2 supports mainstream Linux and OpenHarmony operating systems. It fills a gap in the field of RISC-V high-performance development boards.   The RJ45 Connectors embedded in VisionFive 2 is the LPJG0926HENL from LINK-PP. This high-quality RJ45 Magnetic Jack is known for its durability. It played a crucial role in ensuring reliable and high-speed networking capabilities for VisionFive 2. As a 1x1 port 1000Mbps POE+ Magjack, the LPJG0926HENL combines cutting-edge design, magnetic technology and high-speed data transfer. Making it ideal for VisionFive 2 RISC-V single-board computer applications.   The collaboration between LINK-PP and StarFive reflects a strong alliance. The LPJG0926HENL RJ45 connector empowers VisionFive 2 to provide a powerful and efficient computing platform. VisionFive 2’s success in global markets is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration.   Looking ahead, LINK-PP is excited about expanding its partnership with StarFive. Continues to offer 1000Base T RJ45 for its range of RISC-V IP, SoC and development boards. Our partnership is designed to lead the development of RISC-V technology and promote innovation in the industry. LINK-PP and StarFive will continue to work together to create a digital future.   For more information about this Project, please visit:   To purchase RJ45 Connector, please visit:



LINK-PP Lab Upgrade: Advanced Comprehensive Testing Facilities

LINK-PP Lab Upgrade: Advanced Comprehensive Testing Facilities   LINK-PP is a professional supplier of magnetic communications and network components. For more than 20 years, we have insisted on providing customers with the highest quality products and excellent services. Our main products are RJ45 Connectors, SFP modules, Fiber Optic Cages and Connectors, and LAN Transformers. Our global customer base spans communications, consumer products and industrial sectors. Today, we are pleased to announce a major development: a comprehensive upgrade of our laboratory facilities. Equipped with cutting-edge testing and verification equipment to enhance product quality and performance.   The upgraded LINK-PP laboratory covers a full set of cutting-edge testing equipment. Including high and low temperature thermal shock testing, insertion and extraction force testing, vibration testing, two-dimensional scanning and high-frequency testing, etc. These will fully evaluate and validate our products to exceed industry standards. Insertion and extraction force testing improves the durability of RJ45 connectors. High-frequency testing helps ensure stability during high-speed data transmission. Vibration and shock testing prove its adaptability in harsh industrial environments. Ensure reliability in data centers and communications networks.   LINK-PP invests heavily in technological innovation and quality assurance. Product reliability, stability and durability are our commitments. This laboratory upgrade provides a more rigorous testing environment, further enhancing the competitiveness of our components and ensuring customers receive reliable, high-performance solutions. Whether in data centers, industrial automation, communication networks or other fields, LINK-PP always aims to meet customer needs. Looking to the future, LINK-PP will continue to develop technological innovation and build a stronger bridge for global communications.   For more product information, please visit:



LINK-PP Introduces LPJG0933H11NL: High-Performance RJ45 Integrated Magnetics for BeaglePlay

LINK-PP Introduces LPJG0933H11NL: High-Performance RJ45 Integrated Magnetics for BeaglePlay Gigabit Ethernet Connector   LINK-PP works on the research, manufacturing, and sales of RJ45 Modular Jacks, LAN Transformers, SFP Cage, and Optical Transceivers. The company has a professional team focused on product performance and reliability research. Products are used in computers, communication devices, and consumer electronics.   LPJG0933H11NL RJ45 integrated magnetics developed for the BeaglePlay board. Compliant with IEEE802.3 specification, Capable of 10/100/1000Mbit transmission. The design provides reliable Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to's open-source hardware. The 1000Base-T RJ45 Socket is used for high-speed data transmission and network communications. Key features include integrated magnetics, LEDs for quick visual signage, and right-angle configurations. This precision connector ensures optimal signal integrity and efficient data transfer.   "The LPJG0933H11NL is a newcomer in the field of RJ45 Connectors," said LINK-PP Technical Director Summer. He stressed that its exceptional performance makes it compatible with the BeaglePlay Board. This ensures a smooth and reliable Gigabit Ethernet connection. The RJ45 with Magnetics has good durability and is worth the price. This product shows LINK-PP’s R&D and design strengths. It is designed to withstand wear and tear ensuring a long lifespan. Choose the LPJG0933H11NL for network connectivity and enjoy LINK-PP's reputation for quality.   For more information about the Integrated Magnetics RJ45, please visit



LINK-PP Showcases LPJG0933HENL: High-Speed RJ45 Magjack for BeagleBone AI-64

LINK-PP Showcases LPJG0933HENL: High-Speed RJ45 Magjack for BeagleBone AI-64   LINK-PP, the world's leading RJ45 connector manufacturer, launches its cutting-edge product LPJG0933HENL. This network connector is designed for the BeagleBone AI-64 and provides high-speed connectivity.   LPJG0933HENL has strong compatibility and supports 100/1000 Base-T transmission speed. It complies with many industry standards, including IEEE 802.3, UL, Reach, RoHS, ISO19001 and ISO14001. This connector seamlessly integrates solar inverters, digital cameras, and game controllers. It ensures efficient high-speed network connections.   LINK-PP Part Number LPJG0933HENL Part Status Active Mounting Type Through Hole Number of Positions/Contacts 10p8c (RJ45, Ethernet) Application-LAN Ethernet (NoN-PoE) Number of Ports 1x1 Port Speed 10/100/1000 Base-T Latch Down Cores per Port 8 Orientation 90° Angle (Right) PCB Mount Angle SIDE ENTRY Shield EMI Tabs Without LED Option Green/Yellow Contact Mating Area Plating GOLD 6u"/15u"/30u" Temperature 0℃ TO 70℃     About LINK-PP: LINK-PP has become a trusted Magnetic Network Components supplier since 1997. We welcome OEM and ODM projects, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to customer's needs.   LINK-PP has 2,600 employees and a manufacturing capacity of up to 6 million pieces per month. Able to deliver products on time while ensuring product quality. Besides, LINK-PP also provides a professional and powerful technical team to support customization. Our products are used in network and communication equipment, including HUBs, PC cards, Switches, Routers, PC Mainboards, SDH, PDH, IP Phones, and xDSL modems.   LINK-PP prides itself on its innovation capabilities, product quality and customer satisfaction. LPJG0933HENL has verified this advantage and provides a high-performance network transmission solution. For more information about LINK-PP's products and services, visit the website or contact us.   Contact Information: LINK-PP INT'L TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Phone: [+86-752-3322915] Email: [] Website: []  



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