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Company News About Meet LINK-PP at Crocus Expo Moscow, April 16-18, 2024
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Meet LINK-PP at Crocus Expo Moscow, April 16-18, 2024

Latest company news about Meet LINK-PP at Crocus Expo Moscow, April 16-18, 2024

Meet LINK-PP at Crocus Expo Moscow, April 16-18, 2024


LINK-PP, a leading provider of Magnetic Telecom Networking Components and Optical Transceiver Modules, is participating in the upcoming Crocus expo in Moscow. 26th international exhibition of electronics: components and technologies, materials and equipment, embedded systems and end solutions. The address is Mezhdunarodnaya Street 16, 18, 20, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow, Russia. LINK-PP will exhibit at the exhibition from April 16 to April 18, 2024, at Pavilion No. 2, Exhibition Hall 9, E4117.


At the Crocus Expo, LINK-PP will showcase its latest innovations in magnetic telecom networking components and optical transceiver modules. With a focus on product quality and performance, LINK-PP provides prototype design services and has strong technical team support.


Established in 1997, LINK-PP has emerged as a professional designer and manufacturer of magnetic components. With a workforce of 1,100 employees and a monthly capability of 9.2 million units, LINK-PP is equipped with advanced production equipment and cutting-edge network analysis testing instruments. The company holds various certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ROHS environmental certification, UL, Reach, and ISO 14001:2015 ecological certification system.


The main products on display at this exhibition include:


  • RJ45 Connectors: SMT RJ45 Connector, Low-Profile RJ45 Connector, Vertical RJ45 Connector, Mid-mount RJ45 Connector, RJ45 Connector with USB, Multi-Port RJ45 Connector
  • LAN Transformers: Single port SMT LAN Transformer, Dual ports SMT LAN Transformer, Low-Profile SMT LAN Transformer, Single port DIP LAN Transformer, Dual ports DIP LAN Transformer, Quad ports DIP LAN Transformer
  • Fiber Optic Cages & Connectors: SFP/SFP+ Cages & Connectors, SFP28/ZSFP+ Cages & Connectors, QSFP+ Cages & Connectors, QSFP28/ZQSFP+ Cages & Connectors, QSFP-DD Cages & Connectors, Single Connector
  • Optical Transceivers: Copper SFP/SFP+ Transceiver, SFP/SFP+/SFP28 Transceiver, QSFP+/QSFP28/QSFP56 Transceiver, QSFP-DD/OSFP Transceiver, DAC, AOC

These products cater to various applications including the Internet of Things, Medical, Security, Networking, Telecom, Consumer, and Industrial/OI sectors.


Visit LINK-PP at Booth [Pavilion 2, Halls 9, E4117] to explore our solutions and discover how we can meet your networking component needs.


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