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Company News About LINK-PP RJ45 Connector Empowering StarFive VisionFive 2
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LINK-PP RJ45 Connector Empowering StarFive VisionFive 2

Latest company news about LINK-PP RJ45 Connector Empowering StarFive VisionFive 2

LINK-PP RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Connectors in StarFive's VisionFive 2


LINK-PP, a leading Chinese manufacturer of magnetic networking components, partners with StarFive, a pioneer in China's RISC-V software and hardware ecosystem. The project integrates LINK-PP's LPJG0926HENL RJ45 Connector into StarFive's VisionFive 2. LPJG0926HENL is a 1x1 Port 1000Mbps POE+ RJ45 Modular Jack with Transformer. VisionFive 2 is the world's first mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer with an integrated 3D GPU.


VisionFive 2 has powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities. It is powered by JH7110, a 64-bit SoC based on RV64GC architecture with speeds up to 1.5GHz. StarFive breaks the boundaries of computing and graphics processing capabilities within the RISC-V architecture. With a set of audio and video interfaces, dual network interfaces and a 40-pin GPIO, as well as expansion interfaces for PCIe, USB, and SDIO peripherals. The "dual network interface" on the VisionFive 2 is the 1000Base-T magnetic RJ45 connector from LINK-PP. LPJG0926HENL provides powerful and reliable Gigabit Ethernet data transmission. VisionFive 2 supports mainstream Linux and OpenHarmony operating systems. It fills a gap in the field of RISC-V high-performance development boards.


The RJ45 Connectors embedded in VisionFive 2 is the LPJG0926HENL from LINK-PP. This high-quality RJ45 Magnetic Jack is known for its durability. It played a crucial role in ensuring reliable and high-speed networking capabilities for VisionFive 2. As a 1x1 port 1000Mbps POE+ Magjack, the LPJG0926HENL combines cutting-edge design, magnetic technology and high-speed data transfer. Making it ideal for VisionFive 2 RISC-V single-board computer applications.


The collaboration between LINK-PP and StarFive reflects a strong alliance. The LPJG0926HENL RJ45 connector empowers VisionFive 2 to provide a powerful and efficient computing platform. VisionFive 2’s success in global markets is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration.


Looking ahead, LINK-PP is excited about expanding its partnership with StarFive. Continues to offer 1000Base T RJ45 for its range of RISC-V IP, SoC and development boards. Our partnership is designed to lead the development of RISC-V technology and promote innovation in the industry. LINK-PP and StarFive will continue to work together to create a digital future.


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